Autumn / Winter 2019

I exhibited at three different places this autumn/winter, pieces that I am calling ReImagined. They are all handmade by me in Crail, Fife, in an eco-friendly way with renewable, waste or long-hoarded materials. I have re-used denim garments, waste plastics, off-cuts of fabric, waste leather and linen woven in Fife [at Scotland’s last linen weaving mill in Kirkcaldy], old buttons, handmade and recycled paper, eco-leaf prints and dried flowers. Using painting, silk screen printing and stitching to make unusual pictures, denim on canvas creations, handmade books, and other denim items. My themes are from this year’s sketchbooks of my residency at nearby Cambo Gardens and one of my other interests at the moment; Scottish moths. I’m pleased to say that 6 pictures sold and a number of denim books, and all my linen tea towels. I will have some more of these ReImagined craft items around at my open studios in June/July 2020.

I have returned, refreshed, to painting in the studio now, although I have ideas of recycled denim and couldn’t resist another eco-printing session to see if autumn leaves give different colours – they do!

One of the paintings on denim – Poplar Hawk Moth – that was sold recently.


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