More exploration of mixed media

I’m finding mixed media very liberating as I experiment with lots of techniques in mark making, some conventional and some less so. I have found a use for lots of old paperclips, vinegar, needles and cotton and matches so far. I have sketched a plan for a moth picture (based on a pair I observed a few summers ago in Kincraig) and I’m now exploring ways to represent their delicate bodies locked in a camouflaged embrace with subtle marks, colours and textures. 


Mixed Media Explorations

Current work – I am experimenting with mixed media (cotton rag paper, ink, watercolour, burning, stitching, and anything else) based on butterflies. This is a specimen I found in the garden, but I am also working on butterflies I’ve seen in the tropical house of the Botanic Gardens, St Andrews. This butterfly is on a 30cm x 30cm square of paper.

Lots of New Work to show

I have been busy lately and have some new oils and watercolours to be shown at my upcoming open studios. I will post pictures of them all after the exhibition, but here are a couple to whet the appetite!

Crail Church, small 20 x 20cm oil on canvas.
Sunsetting at Tentsmuir, with snow on the ground. Watercolour on paper, around 30 x 20cm.